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Rental Management System

Simply set up your rates and vehicles in the Reservation Manager. Then use the RMS to define each individual vehicle (cars and trucks), to instantly access reservations in your pickup and drop off Contracts. The RMS takes care of automated scheduling and availability, to make your Fleet Management effortless. Returning on Investment (ROI) is calculated for each vehicle, for every rental and vehicle expense.

Use Revolution RMS

  • To manage your entire fleetread more
    Input individual vehicles and get ROI – fiancial detail on each transaction
  • Serve customers at the rental counterread more
    Reservation data is pre-filled, and reservations for the day are listed by time.
    Pickup and drop-off contracts are easy to complete and use for billing.
  • Automatically schedule individual cars for reservationsread more
    The Revolution RMS takes care of all your scheduling of individual cars

Pay As You Go

  • no setup fees
  • no locked-in contracts
  • low monthly payments

One simple setup … To place your Vehicles and Rates

  • In a Rental Center on your website
    after rates set up, one day integration on your website … read more
  • At other popular Travel Websites
    like Kayak and ExpressITechCarRentals.com … read more

RMS Pricing

See an overview of all Revolution RMS pricing, including Reservations at your website, participation in Partner Travel Websites, and using the RMS to control and manage your Fleet. There are no setup fees or locked-in contracts. You pay as you go. These are some of the lowest IT costs for any business management system. Revolution RMS is targeted at less than 2% of your rental revenue, versus common industry IT costs of 10% plus of revenue.