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Contracts and Reports

Everything You Need for the Rental Counter

There is a daily reservation pickup and drop off list, organized by time for the current day. An Excel file is produced at the start of each day too, and sent to managers and staff for easy reference. On opening a contract, the day’s pickups are shown by time of day, to allow reservation selection for that rental. In the closing contract, the days drop offs are shown by time of day, for easy selection of the open contracts and taking care of the customer.

Within the contracts, policies are prefilled for your location state. Rental rates (all charges) and policy data can be seen on screen and in print.

Phone and Tablet Views

There are phone and tablet views for both pickup and drop-off contracts. You can have someone in the parking lot with the phone or tablet to complete contract data.

In fact, all Revolution RMS screens can be seen on a smart phone.


Keep the contract page open. When a customer or renter arrives, you can see all of the reservations available for pickup on that day, by time. Or select a reservation based on the customer name or reservation number, entered in search bar.

Customer personal data and Reservation data is prefilled in the pickup contract. All customer data is there waiting for you in the new contract, and it is easy to enter extra data like the renters driver’s license or insurance information.

For the pickup contract, there is a simple one page view and room for a customer signature to keep on file. You can choose to print policies for each contract, or keep a set of pre-printed policies on hand to reduce real-time printing effort.

For the drop off contract, all contract data from pickup is immediately available. Just add whatever extra charges you need for mileage or fuel, or anything else, to close the contract. Once any new costs are added, the closing contract at drop off will record those and update the individual vehicle financial information.