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Fleet Management

Meet Revolution

Super Easy Set up

Vehicle types like compact or SUV are set up in the Reservation Manager. All reservations and rates are based on these vehicle types. Within a rate group like compact, there may be many vehicle units, for example, 20 different compact cars available for rent. The RMS allows you to identify each of these individual vehicles, with their VIN, license number, and key tag, and all necessary information. When a contract is opened and one of the day’s reservations selected, all Reservation data is present. It is easy to assign a single vehicle unit to the contract from a list by rate group, like compact. After that, all contract or rental revenue is tracked for each individual vehicle unit. Our RMS takes care of that for you.

Financial Performance!

The Revolution RMS calculates return on investment (ROI) for each car or truck in your Fleet. The ROI report includes the car purchase price, estimated sales price based on depreciation, (or entry of a real sale price, post-sale), all rental revenue for the individual car or truck, and all vehicles expenses, such as licensing or maintenance costs.

Automated Scheduling

The Revolution RMS keeps track of bookings, cars on rent, cars unavailable due to maintenance, and cars available or on Lot. You do not need to do any scheduling manually. Just check the reports and see where your vehicles are. You can see how many have been rented in the past and how many are booked for the future. By looking at future availability, you can work on your pricing and rental rate strategy.