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RMS Pricing

This is an overview of Revolution RMS pricing. More details are found on both the Reservation system and Travel Website sections of our site.

Revolution RMS Pricing

Without use of the Revolution reservation system at your website, use of the Revolution RMS costs as follows:

  • $200 per month
  • $1.25 per reservation

Revolution RMS and Reservation system pricing

The $100 per month cost of the reservation system is in addition to the $200 per month cost of the Revolution RMS. There is only one charge of $1.25 per reservation, for use of both the Reservation and RMS systems together. (Put another way, there are no double charges for reservations.)

for the Revolution RMS, available this spring!

Reservation system only Pricing

If you do not need an RMS, you can sign-up for the Reservation system only. Costs are

  • $100 per month
  • $1.25 per reservation, after the first 80 reservations

For full details, please see our Reservations pages.

Travel Website Pricing

1. For costs related to our business partners like Kayak, please go to the Travel Websites Section of our website.
2. For costs related to presentation at ExpressITechCarRentals.com please go to the section of our website.