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Scheduling and Availability

  • No more spreadsheets
  • No more chalkboards
  • No more wondering where your vehicles are


  • Reservations are made as long as there is a car available in a rate group, like Mini Vans, SUVs or compacts.
  • You can set an “Overage” factor, allowing a few more bookings per type or rate group, to offset the difficulty presented by “No shows”.
  • Individual cars are assigned to a contract on pickup and are released on drop off.
  • Cars in maintenance are outside the rental pool.
  • If all cars in a group are rented (a day of low “no shows”), you can select an available vehicle from a different type that is still on lot.


You can get reports on past bookings rentals and utilization with one click. Look for the Reservation History report. It lists past car deployment by rate group and for the whole fleet.

As well you can get future booking projections, to assist with setting prices, depending on how your Fleet is currently booked. Look for the Future Availability report.