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Marketing Your Reservation Website for Mobile Devices

Make Your Website’s Mobile Capabilities Prominent:

  • Mention it in all literature, like brochures and business cards
  • Use our slogan – GO MOBILE! – and add your tag line
  • Feature Mobile reservation capabilities on the main page.

How Mobile Devices Will Find Your Site on the Web:

  • Smartphones, iPhones and Blackberrys can find you on Google searches
  • Existing customers can upload a Logo that links to your site * (more info below)

Benefits of Mobile Access

  • Renters can check their reservations while travelling
  • Changes to reservations can be made from a mobile device
  • Mobile access will reduce No Shows and surprises
  • There is no need to have renters download an App;
    it is effortless for renters to see your mobile reservation center

New Site Visitors, Finding Your Site From a Mobile device

In the next release, there will be a flag that new mobile renters can use to look at your whole site, and increase their confidence in renting your cars. Take advantage of our Renter Rated ** badge to build visitor trust. Renters will also be able to select a link back to the Mobile view, for making easy reservations or changes on the small screen of their handheld device.

* Bookmarking Your Site in a Renter’s Mobile Device

It can be tricky trying to send an email to a specific mobile phone. Our tech team can help you attach a link back to your site to a small Logo that features your agency. It is easy for mobile renters to upload that Logo and link, and store it on their phone. The upload is called taking a webclip. You can put an invitation and some easy instructions next to the Logo and link on your site. After the renter uploads, your website is only a Logo click away for their next reservation.

** Using a Renter Rated Badge on Your Site

At carrentalexpress.com (CRX), renters are invited to rate their rental with your agency, based on ten important rental characteristics. This produces an overall Renter Rating, shown at CRX, for your agency. You can place our Renter Rated badge (and rating software) on your private website too – it promotes your brand.

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