Revolution Rental Management System

  • Simply the best…
    REVOLUTION is the affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use Reservation and Rental Management System, to make your business succeed
Everything for your rental success

Revolution Rental Management System

One Simple set-up… to place your Vehicles and Rates

  • In a Rental Center on your Website
  • At other popular Travel Websites

Use the REVOLUTION Rental Management System to

  • Manage your entire Fleet
  • Handle Contracts at the Rental Counter
  • Automatically schedule cars / reservations

PAY as you GO!

  • Low monthly payments put you in the driver’s seat right away
  • No locked-in contracts
Fleet Management


Super Easy Setup

  • Streamlined assignment of cars to rate groups
  • Copy car descriptions, then add a VIN and license number
  • You can easily set-up up hundreds of cars a day

Financial Performance!

  • Return on Investment (ROI) for each Car, by Rate Group and for the entire Fleet
  • Tracks purchase price, reservation revenue, maintenance costs, depreciation

Automated Scheduling

  • The Reservation system keeps track of Bookings, Cars on Rent and Available
  • Get past utilization and booking projections
Contracts and Reports


Everything you need for the Rental Counter

  • Daily reservation pick-up and drop-off lists
  • Policies are pre-filled by location and state
  • Rate and policy data on-screen, in print


  • Assign a car on pickup
  • Reservation data is pre-filled on pick-up
  • Add/Remove Extra Products on pick-up
  • Payments and Refunds on pick-up or drop-off
  • Prepayments are loaded from reservations and the Balance is automatically computed

Phone & Tablet views for everything!

  • All RMS Screens and Reports
Automated Scheduling and Availability


  • No more Spreadsheets!
  • No more Chalkboards!
  • No more wondering where your vehicles are!


  • Reservations are made as long as there are cars available in a Vehicle Type
  • Individual cars are assigned to a contract on pick-up and “released” on drop-off
  • Cars in maintenance are out of the rental pool


  • Past Utilization, numbers, %’s, bar charts
  • Future Bookings projections
Online Reservations… at your Website


A Decade of Experience Online;

  • Hundreds agencies using the REVOLUTION Rental Center on their private Websites
  • Templates allow our Rental Center to match your website styling and go live within one day

Rental Center Features:

  • Easy 4 step bookings by renters; reservations confirmed immediately
  • Flexible rates, insurance & extras options, taxes & fees,
  • Agency profiles, locations, policies, discounts
  • Pro-vehicle images, vehicle sales, corporate programs

Automatic Mobile View for Phones! Website in-a-Box for quick Net access

Online Marketing… for your Website Success


A Decade of Website Design Experience

  • Site Persuasion Architecture
  • Content ready platforms, blogs, analytics SEO – search engine optimization

A Decade of Website Design Experience

  • A leader in leveraging Social Media
  • Contests, pay-per-click Ads or Adwords
  • eMail marketing and newsletters to engage clients

Competitive Rates and skilled designers

  • REVOLUTION Discounts for Marketing program clients
Online Reservations… at Global Travel Websites

One Simple Set-up…
Instant Access to these great Travel Websites

Direct Connections in USA and Europe

  • To two of the most popular Travel Search engines in the world
  • Millions of visitors see your inventory each month
  • Pay only for click throughs to your Rental Center; no extra reservation fees

  • Our flagship comparison site, powered by REVOLUTION
  • 2,500 locations, over 300 agencies, 1,000s of reservations
  • Pay only a low fee for reservations and new customers

Global Traveler

  • Access to Airline and Travel Site bookings.
  • Pre-paid reservations

Get the Whole Rental Package:

1. REVOLUTION Rental Management System Manage your Fleet, Contracts at the counter, Scheduling, Reports
2. Rental Center / reservations on your Website
3. Global Travel Websites – instant access to, Direct Connect USA & Europe
4. Internet Marketing for success

Package Discounts to maximize profits