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Take Revolution™ Reservations to the next level with Pro Modules.

All Revolution Pro users gain access to these specialty modules.

Marketing And Sales

Expand your marketing with Revolution’s easy-to-use promotional modules. Activate the Partners, Affiliates and Email Marketing modules to leverage your online business.

Vehicle Sales

Need to clear last year’s rental fleet in order to make way for new models? Then you need Revolution’s Vehicle Sales Tool.

  • You can list sale prices, vehicle mileage, photos, and describe an unlimited number of features.
  • Includes a search form that lets your renters browse sales listings by price and / or by year.
  • An inquiry section allows clients to request more information on a listing of interest.

Affiliate Promotions

Revolution allows you to create and monitor the traffic generated by all your Affiliate Partners. The Affiliate Program includes a personal log-in area, where Affiliates can:

  • view their statistics
  • change their contact information
  • select advertising banners to link to your website.

Partner Links

Provide your renters with access to relevant resources by creating a Partner Link page. This unique page lets you link to partner websites using colorful logos and customized descriptions.

Business To Business

Grow your business with Revolution’s exclusive programs, each designed to cater to separate clientele.

Travel Agent Module

The Travel Agent Program allows agents from all over the world to access your vehicle inventory and reservation settings.

  • Agents can plan the vehicle rental component of their renter’s trip.
  • Agents simply log into the Travel Agent Program Form and they’re ready to create, modify or cancel reservations on behalf of their clients.

Insurance Replacement Module

The Insurance Replacement module allows Agents and Adjusters to have exclusive access to special rates on replacement rental vehicles.

  • Includes customized insurance replacement rental forms, with unique fields for claim number, days approved, and more.
  • Adjusters and agents can log-in, view, modify or cancel reservations, on behalf of their clients.

Corporate Module

Create Company accounts and assign them unique corporate codes and rates. This unique code lets you provide customized discounts to your commercial clients. What better way to foster a relationship?

Pro Vehicle Image Gallery

Pro Images are included in your Revolution™ Rental Center Pro package, for use on your proprietary website and at Car Rental Express.

Images are showroom quality, new model, and cover all makes, models and colors! These professional images show your fleet to the best advantage and will increase rental conversions. Learn more about the Pro Image Gallery.

Learn more about ExpressITech’s comprehensive Technical Services.