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Step 1: Itinerary Selection

Here the renter enters their pickup dates and times. Manager allows you to configure every aspect of this form, including optional fields for the renter’s

  • driving area and residence area
  • drop-off location for one-way rentals
  • drivers age
  • discount or corporate code
  • vehicle preference

The renter submits their itinerary and Revolution™ Rental Center’s rate quote engine starts searching your vehicles and rates.

Step 2: Vehicles and Rate Quotes

Revolution™ Rental Center presents your renter with all rate quotes that match their search. All rates are shown as rental rate totals and total pricing (including taxes and mandatory surcharges).

The renter chooses the right vehicle and rate, and clicks “Continue”.

The renter can click on the “?” icon next to each quote for a breakdown of charges included in the total. Also, they can read more about each vehicle’s features.

The renter also has the option to email themselves quotes that they are interested in, but may not be ready to reserve at this time.

Step 3: Detailed Rate Quote

The renter sees the detailed breakdown of their rate quote including itemized charges. They have the option to add extra equipment, coverage options, and any other products you add through Reservation Manager.

This screen also presents the renter with upgrade options, so they can easily selecte an upgraded vehicle class.

The renter can view the rate quote in a currency of their choice. The confirmed rental rate, however, will stay in your company’s selected currency.

Step 4: Renter Information

The renter inputs their information in the form that you build in Manager. You can choose from a long selection of information fields, setting them as required or optional.

This page is secured by SSL to ensure the privacy and security of the renter’s information.

The renter clicks on “Submit Reservation” to complete their reservation.

Step 5: Reservation Summary

The reservation has been submitted, and sent to the various notification channels: via email to your company’s reservation desk, the renter, and optionally, your Rental Management System (RMS).

The renter is shown their reservation number, rate quote details, and a personalized “thank you” message from your company.


Download now: Benefits of Revolution on your website (PDF)